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Group of business professionals from DeGroote School of Business walking and talking.

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Our DeGroote School of Business Executive Programs Suite provides progressive leaders with a variety of professional development programs from one of Canada’s top business schools. Robust and innovative content is delivered by leading academics, consultants, and subject matter experts and is designed to enhance knowledge and skills for individuals and the organizations and communities they serve.

Group of business professionals from DeGroote School of Business walking and talking.

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For more than 20 years, The Directors College has been equipping directors of public and private companies, not-for-profit and crown corporations with the practical tools, knowledge and credentials to make a positive and immediate impact in the boardroom.

Going beyond theory to prepare you for the real world by exploring the behaviours associated with high-performing boards, the McMaster University accredited Chartered Director Program (C.Dir.) bridges the knowing-doing gap. At The Directors College, you don’t just learn it, you live it.


Executive Education is built on the foundation that no two organizations and no two leaders will ever have the exact same needs or gaps in their skillset. A portfolio of open-enrolment executive management courses are designed to help middle and senior management increase the value they bring to their organizations. Looking for custom training solution for your company? Our custom programming solutions help tailor your team’s professional development experience. We help leaders reach their potential through high-quality, flexible, experiential learning supported by personalized service.


The Michael G. DeGroote Health Leadership Academy (HLA) transforms the national healthcare system by challenging leaders with the capacity to identify, support, and scale new ways of thinking and doing. HLA offers programs for leaders in healthcare that focus on learning, unlearning, and building the necessary skillset to navigate and adapt to our ever-changing health environment.


Leadership is evolving. The Executive MBA in Digital Transformation transcends mere technological and data integration within business. Innovation and disruption stem not just from technology access, but from the strategic utilization of it. At the DeGroote School of Business, our EMBA empowers you with the essential tools, resources, and insights to evolve into an adaptive leader. You’ll gain the expertise needed to navigate and address the challenges presented by an ever-changing world, constantly disrupted by emerging technologies and advancements.

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Whether you are looking for a certificate program, university-accredited designation, or degree, our Executive Programs Suite has an education path to meet your needs.

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The Directors College

“The expertise of the dedicated faculty, the diversity and group dynamics of participants, provided for me a stronger understanding of the governance environment. New approaches to governance are discussed and the opportunity to reflect on your response around ethics, reputation and crisis management in the Module 5 Simulation is a value added approach to the learning environment. My leadership skills and courage to engage confidently at any board table has been enhanced by The Directors College.”

Christine Williams, C.Dir., H.R.C.C.C., A.C.C.

Chartered Director, , Centennial College

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Executive Education

“The Human Side of Organizational Change was highly valuable, practical, and had relevant content and activities.”

Sue Richardson

Director, Implementation + Change Management, , CIBC

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The Directors College

“The Directors College Chartered Director program provided me with the foundational basis for good governance learned through a collegial, interesting and expert manner. Understanding good governance is an important prerequisite for eligibility for many boards of directors and any board should consider this program as an essential part of their skills matrix.”

David Tsubouchi, C.Dir.

Registrar Emeritus, , Ontario College of Trades

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Executive Education

“Today’s experience in Motivating for Results was insightful, informative and thought provoking. I learned a lot of information and left with tools I can use to apply my learning on the job. The instructor was engaging and well-spoken. Great experience.”

Catherine McLean

Manager, Customer Service, , Town of Caledon

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The Directors College

“Even as an experienced Director, I have found The Directors College Chartered Director program to be a very valuable opportunity to learn from strong faculty and fellow participants in an informed and current atmosphere. The program’s approach to learning provides participants with a thoughtful combination of theoretical principles and practical experience as well as simulations that bring to light the variety of challenges that Directors might encounter in their work.”

Mary Anne Chambers, C.Dir.

Independent Director and Former Minister, , Government of Ontario

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The Directors College

“I was looking for a program that really focused on effective governance; the latest thinking that’s going to challenge me and allow me to bring more information to my role. The Chartered Director program, to me, was the most comprehensive and most encompassing.”

Philip Twyford, C.Dir.

Assistant Deputy Minister, , British Columbia Public Service

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Executive Education

“As a McMaster graduate I was pleased to find DeGroote’s Executive Management Program offering. Over the past few years I have taken several courses and just recently received my Certificate of Completion Specializing in Leadership Development. As the Director of Human Resources I am eager to find programs that add to my own knowledge base… I found the facilitators to be highly skilled and engaging. The content is relevant, timely and evidence based. I highly recommend this program.”

Mia Manson

Director, Human Resources, , College of Family Physicians Canada

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Executive Education

“The Mindful Leader program needs to be experienced by executives and other managers.”

Chris Garrick

Customer Experience Manager, , Hadrian Manufacturing

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